Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Visitors

Today I was sitting near the front window hooking and a mama, daddy, and 6 baby geese walked past our front porch; I ran for my camera & snapped some photos as they crossed our driveway.
I had never seen a sight like this before. So now you know that I wasn't born in the country :)
My husband called me from the barn and I went down to see where they were headed. Well, they were headed across the field next to us and back toward the highway behind us. I was upset, thinking they would never make it across the highway, the cars travel very fast.
I started back to the house and my hubby called me again to tell me that they made it! He said that one car came by and stopped and they hurried across the highway. There's a large pond over that way and I guess that's where they were headed.
I've been kind of down the past few days, because I had put my Lola (last photo) to sleep on Wednesday and I've been feeling very sad, and feeling like I'd let her down. She was only 8, but had diabetes and was totally blind. She just wasn't adjusting well to it all.
But then today I was reminded once more of the continuity of life, and how, just when we least expect it, a miracle appears right before our eyes to remind us once more how blessed we are to be alive.


Lori said...

Oh Sandi, I am so sorry. I had to do that twice, I know how much it hurts and I know the guilt feelings too. I hope you are feeling better now..Lola is at peace.

I'm sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while Sandi to know you were going through this. I'm sending you a hug in case you still need one. Here it is.. ((HUG))

She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

Sandi, thank you for your post on Delphi, about my son's dog who had a cancerour tumor removed. Your prayers are so appreciated. I am soryy you had to put your baby down, it is never never easy. You did what you thought was best for her, if you thought she was suffering then you helped her not hurt her. You'll see her someday again, and when you meet she'll come running to meet you with wet and warm kisses.
Blessings to you~Cheryl

Sandi said...

Lori, thank you for the hugs...I am feeling better about my decision now...

Cheryl, I do believe this to be true; I know that I'll see her again :)