Monday, May 17, 2010

Primitive Rug Sale on Etsy

I'm offering my rugs for sale on Etsy at 10% off this week, so if you're wanting something primitive for yourself or for a gift, go on over and take a peek.
The prices you see have already been marked down.

On the home front, the sun if finally out's been rainy & dreary for what seems like forever, not at all like May...I hope our tomato and pepper plants make it.

My husband built a wonderful primitive fence around the garden for me and I love was a labor of love for sure...he even put *Sandi's Garden* over the garden gate :)  I planted sunflowers around 3 sides of it on Friday...

I haven't been much in the hooking mood lately, not sure why...I started Lori's Home Sweet Home rug a few weeks ago, and just have a little hooked on it...maybe the sunny day will put me more in the hooking spirit...


Finegan Antiques said...

What a loving gift from your husband. I wish I had that fence/garden in my back husband. Tell your husband that he gets an A+ from me in being a thoughtful guy.


P.S. Can't hardly wait to see the garden later this summer. I bet it will be beautiful

Sherry said...

OH SANDI you are one lucky lady!!!!
I would give anything to have a fence like that around a garden that without a doubt will be wonderful!!!!
Sherry aka:The Queen
From Sherry's Heart