Friday, July 30, 2010

Always a season behind :)

that's me, it seems...summer is almost at an end, and I'm seeing signs of fall already on everyone's blogs; fall and harvest goods for sale and here I am, still working on and not quite finished with a hooked rug from a  Not Forgotten Farm pattern, Home Sweet Home.

My honey will be leaving on Sunday for a few weeks in Utah to do some work for a friend of his, so I hope I can muster up some ambition and finally finish this rug. 

Other than that, the summer has just been flying by; it's been hot but at least we've had a good amount of rain through the summer, our tomatoes and peppers are doing well, I've been using the tomatoes in salads, with olive oil and garlic and fresh basil I've's wonderful!

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Debra said...

Hi Sandi- sounds like you have been busy gardening! Me too- good to see you post again!