Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Mama robin & babies are still going strong, took this photo yesterday...there are 3 babies that I can see in the nest; they should be flying away very soon...

We had a rain shower the other evening, and I went out front to see this beautiful double rainbow :)
I hope everyone has a beautiful Mothers Day!


Julia said...

Oh, isn't mother nature grand. Both photos of the mother bird with her babies and the rainbow are super. Happy Mother's Day to you too,

Courtney said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I have a Mama robin sitting on a nest on our front porch! It's so much fun to watch the progress!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sandi ~
Happy Mother's Day to you!
Love your pictures!
Pug hugs :)

The Barn Door said...

Beautiful photos!

Jan said...

Beautiful rainbow.
I love the succession of nesting photos. I had a nest just outside my kitchen window that was literally touching the window. I had a birds eye view of the whole process from laying of eggs to leaving the nest. I felt like an empty nest mama when it was all over. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos.
I also really like the rainbow as I am doing a rug hooking of my Dear Sweet William Wallace that crossed that rainbow bridge on mothers day this year and I am still trying to work up the rainbow behind him.