Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Olde Crows Rug

Almost finished with this little rug...the pattern is from Mad Hen and it's called Two Olde Crows...very appropriate, isn't it?
Not been feeling myself this past week...had an earache and stuffiness on the right side of my head, etc...not sure if it's allergies (mowed the lawn a few days ago) or a cold...I haven't had an earache since i was really young...yuk!


Orange Sink said...

I think I need to hook a two Olde Crows rug! LOL! I've had that same feeling in my head.... allergies and sinus problems with this weather! UGH!
LOVE the crows and the colors and wider strips!!
Hope you're feeling better soon!
Cathy G

Merry Wind Farm said...

Great rug, Sandy. Love your colors of black, blue and mustard.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello,love the little Olde Crow rug,I am working on my first little rug. I really enjoy the prim rug hooking. Hope you feel better,Blessings Francine.