Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok, so I'm snake *stupid*...copperhead???

sooo...he was on our patio steps right outside the door...thought it was a black snake which we have lots of, but when i touch him with my broom, he coiled to strike...yikes!!
my stepson just removed him...


Robin said...

Oh My Gosh !! That could have been horrible for you !! So glad you are ok and mr slither is gone

Julia said...

You are very brave to have disturbed the snake with your broom. I'm not very brave when it comes to snake although snakes didn't scared me when I was a kid but our snakes were the harmless one.

I'm sure they would bitten if threatened but we don't have poisonous snakes like the Copperhead.

This is the third post I read this morning having a run in with a Copperhead snake and there was another one yesterday.

Hope that you have a nice Memorial weekend.


Sandi said... now i know a copperhead from a black snake...

this year we've seen more black snakes than ever, not sure why...don't mind them at all...we had one sleeping under our barbecue cover a few weeks ago :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Snakes and I are not friends. Just can't warm up to them. I'm glad you're ok!

jody said...

ya know i just dont think i could do snakes... we have gardner snakes up here and i dont see any really... altho while in rapid city we did see rattlers... love your hooked rug and kitties! enjoy your evening!

Carol Stuck said...

I grew up in the West so I have always had a fear of the slithering serpent. There weren't many harmless snakes in our area. Take care, sweet friend and stay safe.