Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Haven't posted in awhile; my DIL had surgery

I haven't gotten much hooking done for the past few weeks because we've all been pre-occupied with my daughter-in-laws upcoming surgery. She had colon surgery on the 30th and we were all very concerned.

Thankfully, she'll be coming home from the hospital tomorrow and she's doing great...the surgery was more extensive than we first understood it was going to be, but thank God, all has turned out well. It'll be wonderful to have her home safe & sound and healthy again.

I had started hooking a 3 star table mat a few weeks ago, a Woolly Mammoth pattern, and just kind of put it aside because I couldn't seem to sit down and concentrate enough to work on it, but sat down with it last night and got quite a bit of it hooked; I'll post a photo of it soon.

The weather has been unseasonably cool & rainy here most of the summer, but the past few days it's started to heat up a is cloudy and cool again though, so that's always nice; we're supposed to get some really hot weather the next week or so...I can't believe that summer is almost over; the days are getting shorter already.


Debra said...

Gald your DIL is doing well!
The star table mat sounds like it is going to be wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your dil's quick recovery...hope she is doing better. I can't wait to see the star runner you are working on. Sounds wonderful!!!

Sandi said...

she's home! just got back from seeing her and i'll be staying with her for a few nights while my son is out of town on business...
i worked a little more on the mat last night, i'll take a photo of it soon :)