Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's C...C...C... COLD out there....!

Holy Moley, It's so freakin' cold outside today...we a little snow last night and the wind was blowing so hard...this little cardinal looks like a tree ornament; I snapped this photo from inside yesterday, thus the flash on the left...I'd be nuts to go out there in this weather!!


Orange Sink said...

Love the Cardinal shot! I agree..... this weather is for birds and ice fisherman!
Stay warm and safe indoors!
Cathy G

Debra said...

You sure got a good pic of that cardinal from inside- don't blame you for not going out- it is miserable here too!!

Anonymous said...

The Cardinal is fluffed for the guy. Better to stay in where it's warm unless you absolutely have to go out!

Robin said...

I love that picture. least you had some snow...we just got some rain (cold).(millstonemercantile)

Julia said...

So nice that you got a good shot of this brave cardinal. I'm not a fan of cold weather either. I don't mind winter as long as the sun shine and it's not too cold.

Stay safe and warm. JB